5 ways to celebrate and recognise National Customer Service Week & CX Day

It’s exciting to know that CX Day and National Customer Service Week (NCSW) are right around the corner! Whether your organisation has a well-established customer-centric approach or is just beginning its journey, these occasions provide a wonderful chance to celebrate your achievements and engage your employees in customer-focused discussions.

Here are five ideas to help you make the most of this week from an internal employee perspective, as it’s the perfect time to reflect on your progress and maintain momentum:

1. Reflect on Your Journey: Take a moment to engage in conversations and reflect on your team’s accomplishments in becoming more customer-focused. This might involve discussing updates and enhancements in customer metrics, business growth, or successful customer-centric initiatives.

2. Employee Recognition: Acknowledge and reward employees who have gone the extra mile to provide exceptional customer experiences. Share inspiring CX success stories that have positively impacted customers’ lives with your colleagues.

3. Get Leaders Involved: Encourage your leaders to spend time with teams or individuals to gain a deeper understanding of employees’ roles and customer sentiments. Examples include listening in at the call centre, going on a ride-along with drivers, or spending time at a customer service desk.

4. Utilise Feedback: Leverage the insights gained from your leaders above to drive continuous improvement. Consider conducting a Customer Journey Mapping workshop with them to identify areas for enhancement & obtain buy in quickly!

5. Set New Goals or Launch Initiatives: Regardless of where you are on your customer-centric journey, use this time to emphasise the importance of customer-centricity. Discuss existing initiatives or introduce something new such as the MEASURE UP Customer Culture Programme,  challenging your team to elevate the customer experience to new heights.


Always keep in mind that customer experience and a Customer Centric Culture is an ongoing process, and and CX Day and National Customer Service Week just provide a fantastic opportunity to reinforce your daily commitment to your customers.


Make your company’s events fun, memorable, and sustainable to foster a culture that prioritises customer-centricity.  Keeping these events going throughout the year and maintaining them as a ‘way of working’ is key to maintaining a customer focused culture in your organisation long term.

For More Info on CX Day visit CXPA and NCXW visit Institute of Customer Service 

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