6 Reasons to improve complaint handling

Why bother to improve complaint handling? There are many reasons to improve how your company handles complaints, we offer advice and support on how to do this. It is a lot harder to retain customers if your employees can’t deal with complaints quickly and efficiently, whilst remaining professional. So, what are the reasons for improving complaint handling?

Here are our top 6 reasons:


    1. To keep your Customers (Customer retention)

    Problems occur but by proactively solving them you can retain customers who might otherwise switch to competitors. If customers feel they are listened to and the issue is solved timely, they are much more satisfied and more likely to return

      2. To keep your reputation squeaky clean (Reputation management)

      If customers feel they have been treated poorly or that their complaints have been ignored, or taken a long time to resolve, they will tell others which can harm your company’s reputation. This can lead to a loss in customer retention if people feel you don’t successfully deal with complaints in a prompt and professional manner.

        3. To obtain feedback for continuous improvement

        Complaints are a great source of feedback for improving your products, services, and processes. By dealing with the root cause now you can solve the problem for future customers. This also shows the willingness to deal with feedback and put things in motion to improve your business.

          4. To beat the regulator (Compliance)

          Depending on your industry, there could be legal or regulatory requirements for complaint handling. The more effectively you handle complaints the less likely you are to need to risk potential penalties.  

            5. To keep your employees happy (Employee morale)

            Making it easier for employees by improving the complaint process will improve employee morale. If there are systems in place to support employees when handling a complaint, it will make the workload feel lighter and more productive. Employees will feel empowered, resourceful, motivated and satisfied that they are doing a great job for their customers.

              6. To drive efficiency (Increase profit)

              Improvements to the root cause is best, but failing that improvements to the process is good! It takes time to perfect things, but a good start is by looking at processes and ensuring the best are in place. Driving down the cost of complaints and cost to serve, drives up profits for reinvestment or stakeholders.


               In summary, improving your complaint handling can help you retain customers, protect your reputation, gather feedback for improvement, ensure compliance, improve employee morale and increase profits. Check out the rest of our website to find out how we can help you to improve and reach your full potential.

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