The Emotional Ripple Effect

Leaders, as the guiding force within an organisation, play a hugely crucial role and their actions and behaviours create a blueprint for how emotions are perceived, expressed, and managed within the workplace.

5 ways to celebrate and recognise National Customer Service Week & CX Day

It’s exciting to know that CX Day and National Customer Service Week (NCSW) are right around the corner! Whether your organisation has a well-established customer-centric approach or is just beginning its journey, these occasions provide a wonderful chance to celebrate your achievements and engage your employees in customer-focused discussions.

Download our Customer Centric Culture checklist

To help you quickly identify key areas of focus, download our Customer Centric Culture checklist HERE The benefits are; You can edit this document or print out It’s really quick, simple and free  The checklist can help facilitate conversation Teams can work together  You can use for team building eg; we have utilised this approach […]

Review your complaint handling in 5 easy steps

Our suggestion for completing a complaint handling review is to complete a thorough assessment of what your organisation is currently doing from when a complaint is received to when its resolved and not just focus on the root cause. Here’s a simple step-by-step guide to help you complete a complaints handling review: Step 1: Work […]