Customer Edge CX Mentoring Programme

A mentor is someone who can give you guidance, advice, and support when you need it." Richard Branson

Are you ready to prioritise your own Customer Experience development??

You are an experienced strategic leader with a desire to embed a customer culture, improve your customer experience and advance your own career.

But when it comes to getting leadership buy in, obtaining budget and embedding new initiatives, you are getting no-where fast and going around in frustrating circles. Could this be the reason;


I can help, so join me, and let’s shape your professional future and your customer experiences together!!

I’ve worked with hundreds of businesses over the last 10 years to turn insight into action, increase their confidence in order to secure buy in which supports embed strategic initiatives that improve customer experience and culture

Customer Edge Mentoring

6 Month duration (Up to 12 months if required)

Programme includes the following support;

Leonie will be your Mentor and will be guiding and supporting you through the 6 step programme.

How will Customer Edge help you?

By adding a focus and industry leading expertise to your CX professional development and skillset! In order to achieve internal buy in, embed initiatives and put the customer into the heart of your culture by;

In order to enhance your CX professional development, during the Customer Edge Programme, we will upskill your team so they continue to measure and track progress in a long term, cost effective and sustainable way.

What difference will CX Mentoring make?

This programme is designed for strategic customer leaders and will help you to accelerate results;

Longer term you will.....

Customer Edge CX Mentoring

Our 6 step approach to CX mentoring and professional development is designed for strategic customer leaders and will help you to accelerate results in a flexible, cost- effective & sustainable way;

Why Leonie?

My industry skills, expertise, thought leadership, insight and best practice comes from working in hospitality, with over 75+ businesses, partners and my large professional network. 

Along side this my mentoring qualifications will help to enhance your own career and CX results and also improve your meet customer expectations, retain customers and grow your business.

I am passionate about customer experience and getting the best from people. My goal is to support you to enhance your skills and share knowledge to help you build a more focused culture, faster! I hope you will join me

What our clients say

Be a cut above, with Customer Edge!

A re-cap of your support;

💡Define what our relationship will look like

💡Discover what future success looks like

💡Prioritise your CX Goals

💡Develop a prioritised plan

💡Review the plan and amend

💡Sustain your progress by continuous learning

Our Customer Edge CX Mentoring Programme is flexible and based on either 6 or 12 months.

Options are available to pay in instalments to support your professional development.  

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