Customer Culture Benchmark

Define where you are and benchmark against the worlds most customer centric organisations

Our customer culture programme uses the MRI (TM) with its proven methodology to help organisations measure, improve & embed a customer centric culture to achieve long term sustainable growth
'We've proven that customer-obsessed companies that work with us are up to 32% more profitable'

Market Culture

Customer Service Solutions has a strategic partnership with MarketCulture

The worlds the world’s most renowned experts on customer-centric culture. Their award winning Market Responsiveness Index (MRI™) is a global assessment, developed after years of extensive research, on the key disciplines of the most customer-centric and profitable companies globally

There are 8 drivers of creating a Customer-centric culture

We have been focusing on the 8 disciplines on our LinkedIn business page. Using video and infographics, we’ve been improving understanding and offering advice on what questions to ask yourself to improve