Measure Up ↑ Programme

Customer Centric organisations are 60% more profitable

You know that focusing on customers organisation-wide drives profit and growth, but ......

We get it….. moving towards a customer centric culture can feel like a tug boat pulling a freighter?

It does take time and commitment from the top to make change strategically but we have helped businesses like yours move from being process led to Customer Centric, so you can do it too!

Our Measure Up  ↑ Programme

Inspires leaders and engages employees

How will Measure Up ↑ help you?

By adding strategic focus and momentum! We will give you flexible support, ongoing mentoring and best practice to put the customer into the heart of your culture by;

In order to transform your culture to be more Customer Centric long term, during the Measure Up ↑ Programme, we will upskill your team so they continue to measure and track progress in a long term, cost effective and sustainable way.

What difference will Measure Up ↑ make?

By giving strategic focus and momentum to your customer culture transformation we will;

Longer term you will.....

Measure Up ↑

6 Step Customer Centric Culture Programme

6 Month duration (Up to 12 months if required)

Programme includes the following support;

Leonie or Rebecca will be guiding and supporting you through the 6 step programme and upskilling your team in order for you to take over a fully sustainable long term culture transformation programme

Why Us?

We have over 30 years collective experience in the customer service industry including hospitality, banking and retail, and most latterly the Institute of Customer Service. 

We have worked with over 100 organisations, transforming service provision and improving customer experience through creating  customer centric cultures. 

Our expertise, proven methodology, and sustainable improvement framework will help you create a customer culture where  employees meet customer expectations, retain customers and grow your business.

Leonie is ranked #14 Customer Experience Magazine Professional 2023 and a member of WICX (Women in CX), Rebecca is a certified Riders & Elephants certified practitioner and both are UK Customer Experience Awards and UK Innovation Awards Judges.

What our clients say

Ready to Level Up, with Measure Up ↑

A re-cap of your support;

💡 Define where you are now

💡Develop a prioritised plan

💡Engage your employees

💡Embed actions and initiatives

💡Improve your Customer Centric Culture

💡Upskill employees to keep momentum on Culture transformation

Our Measure Up ↑ Programme is based on either 6 or 12 months duration as culture evolution takes time.

It’s a one off cost or options are available to pay in instalments for a 6 month programme to really move the wheels on your organisation creating a Customer Centric Culture

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It costs 6-7 times more to acquire a new customer than keep an existing one

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