Customer Journey Mapping

Think about your customers’ thoughts and feelings throughout the entire journey. Support your customers’ goals by improving your processes.


  • Understanding the current customer journey to identify how the product can be used more effectively by customers

  • To improve a problem in the journey, such as low customer satisfaction or complaints

  • To launch a new product or service to an existing or new customer base

  • A focus on finding pain points or areas for continuous improvement for both service and communication
  • Ability to better understand your customers by focusing on specific customer personas
  • Identify the current state of your customer experiences versus your current ambition and your ideal future vision
  • Engagement of a cross section of employees including leaders and those who have influence and direct impact on the customer journey
  • Raise profile and awareness with the wider team to provoke new thinking, behaviours and commitment to why this is important to the future success of your business
  • Obtain future recommendations for practical application which will support  overall business plans and strategy
  • Facilitate virtual or face to face workshops
  • Determine the objectives for the workshop and ensure they are strategically aligned to the company promise
  • Guide you through the planning process including attendees, timings, communication
  • Create personas based on customer profile data
  • Create a structure or skeleton map using your current process data or employee insight
  • Create an environment where creativity flourishes and facilitate discussions in a collaborative way
  • Deliver a report including the outputs and recommendations and themes
  • Support you to prioritise your recommendations so that you can focus on the highest value initiatives 

We have worked in the Customer Experience for over 10 years with over 100 businesses across all sectors

We have mapped customer journeys in multiple sectors including social housing, car leasing, hospitality tech and business services 

Some examples of some of our engagements include;

  • Working with an International Hotel chain to understand more about their digital app and offering and how it can more further utilised and adoption increased
  • Working with a major car leasing company to decrease and better resolve end of contract complaints
  • Working with a Social Housing company to determine if the current complaint handling process is effective

Customer Testimonial

"This Customer Journey Mapping programme has been a great success and has helped us to establish a clear pathway to improve this part of the customer journey and given us a clear path of recommendations to follow"

Customer Experience Manager, Leading Car Leasing Company

5 Benefits of Customer Journey Mapping

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