Emotional Culture Workshops- Awareness, Desire and Knowledge

Excited about this card deck? it's small yet mighty! We're certified to facilitate workshops using the game-changing Emotional Culture Deck.

We are certified to facilitate workshops utilising the game changing Emotional Culture Deck.

We will help you to create successful, empathy-driven teams, shaped by high emotional intelligence, and measurably better workplace experiences.

Our workshops are meticulously facilitated, tailor-made to suit your team and organisation, covering a range of crucial business performance topics including;

A flexible approach with 3 options for delivery

  • You purchase the decks, and facilitate the workshops (we offer a free coaching session)
  • We teach your team to facilitate the workshops
  • We create a bespoke workshop programme


The Emotional Culture Deck is a trusted and highly effective tool used by some of the world’s most successful organisations.

Used to stimulate face-to-face conversations and drive bottom-up change.

  • Used by 400,000 leaders in over 60 countries
  • Research-backed approach
  • Used by United Nations, Amazon, Disney, IBM, Netflix, Uber, IAG, Xero, PWC, Toyota

Unlock the potential for transformative change with our simple yet powerful and remarkably flexible approach.  Our workshops provide the opportunity for meaningful face-to-face human conversations,  collaboration and drive bottom-up change.

Delve into what truly matters to your team and customers and let’s work together to embed lasting change and transformation in your workplace culture.

Struggling with service levels and team collaboration? 

Get in touch, this might be the solution you’ve been looking for!



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