Leonie Williams Customer Centric Culture PodCast with Talk Time with Max Contact

Igniting a Customer-Centric Culture Revolution with Leonie Williams

What to expect:

From Talk Time with Max Contact

In this episode of Talk Time with MaxContact, Leonie Williams, Co-founder and Director of Customer Service Solutions Group, joins Sean McIver to discuss the importance of customer service culture and the impact it has on employee and customer experiences.

They explore the evolution of customer services in the digital age, the impact of AI on customer service excellence, and the key to lasting cultural transformation in business. For 20 years, Leonie has worked with and for customers, building a set of expertise that supports a more holistic approach to customer experience. Her commitment to customer satisfaction was most notably recognized when she was named the #14 top CX Professional of 2023.

Starting her career at the customer service desk of Waitrose, Leonie then progressed to roles in Customer Retention with Hilton Hotels and IHG Hotels. Over seven years at The Institute of Customer Service, she collaborated with more than 75 organisations across various sectors, such as The Post Office, Admiral, DHL, and Hitachi, helping in their service improvement efforts.

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How we help;

We specialise in integrating a customer-centric mindset into various aspects of your organisation. We don’t reinvent the wheel but instead enhance existing processes to prioritise employee experience (EX) and CX effectively. By focusing on what matters most, we help businesses unlock their full potential and achieve sustainable growth.

Embarking on the journey of a customer-centric culture is not a one-time task but an ongoing commitment. As you progress, stay focused on aligning your strategy, empowering your employees, and nurturing a mindset that prioritises the customer.

If you need support we can help in 3 ways;

Our Customer Culture Programme- Measure Up ⬆️, visit our website

Our CX Mentoring Programme- Customer Edge, register for the waitlist

Emotional Culture Workshops & Power Hours, attend ‘Infusing CX & Culture’

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