Mystery Shopping

Understand more about how your customers experience your service by standing in their shoes

When used in the right way, mystery shopping is an invaluable tool which can truly help organisations drive a customer focussed culture, more satisfied customer and more profitable growth 

What we can do to help  

Our solution can help you build the end-to-end process, and we will work with you to: 

  • Understand the needs or your business and the needs of your customers
  • Understand your customer service strategy
  • Help you build relevant questionnaires across all key touch points and channels
  • Help you craft real and relevant scenarios
  • Support you with fieldwork and finding the right mystery shoppers
  • support you with gathering and analysing your results and understanding those critically important insights

Our Experience  

With over ten years’ experience at working with market- leading mystery shopping programmes, our expert consultant will unpack your programme from end-to-end to ensure your programme delivers consistently and ultimately meets your business needs. 

Experience in standard face-to-face enquiries at food retail outlets, through to more detailed product enquiries in technically complex retail environments.  Conducting online visits, webchat, phone and social media enquiries.

Even completed mystery visits in the arctic circle – so anything is possible!

I had the pleasure of working with Nathan on the successful set up, launch and running of Greggs first ever customer experience programme in my previous role as CX Manager for the brand, which proved a real catalyst in building a positive service focussed culture across the wider business, and helped drive business performance forward. Nathan has an extensive depth of know-how when it comes to customer experience measurement, delivering insight and storytelling though data, and sharing best practice across a range of sectors which provided an incredibly clear direction. I really valued his objective and considered view, along with the high level of support he provided.
David Padbury
Head of Franchise, Greggs