Emotional Culture Deck

Emotional culture is the heartbeat of high-performing teams

Over the last four years, you've likely navigated through substantial changes

Including the rise of the great resignation, adoption of hybrid and remote work models, and the ongoing digital transformation. In the midst of these shifts, prioritising employee experience has become increasingly crucial.

It serves as the cornerstone for:

It does take time and commitment from the top to make change strategically but we have helped businesses like yours move from being process led to Customer Centric, so you can do it too!

What is The Emotional Culture Deck?

It’s a simple deck of cards! But used correctly, The Emotional Culture Deck workshops are facilitated to promote the enablers of change; awareness, desire and knowledge.

We are certified to conduct workshops with the revolutionary Emotional Culture Deck, we specialise in; 

We also include a twelve-week engagement framework to support ability and ensure sustained long-term success to help you achieve….

Our ECD Methodology

To enhance customer experience, it’s imperative to first prioritise your employees’ experience

Our Specialist Workshops

Emotional Team Culture

An emotional team culture workshop will significantly enhance workplace dynamics by nurturing open communication, empathy, and trust among team members. Through interactive exercises and discussions, participants develop a heightened awareness of their own emotions and learn to empathise with and appreciate the feelings of others. This creates a supportive environment where team members feel empowered to express themselves authentically, resulting in enhanced collaboration, morale, and productivity. Moreover, by addressing emotional intelligence, these workshops equip teams with essential skills in emotional intelligence to understand and manage emotions effectively, to elevate team success.

A leadership development workshop focused on nurturing empathy and compassion among your team managers will significantly enhance team dynamics and performance. By equipping managers with the skills to lead with empathy, the workshop cultivates a culture of collaboration and understanding within the team, leading to greater success. Through practical exercises and discussions, your managers will learn to recognise and respond to the emotions of their team members, building trust. They will also ideate the desired emotional culture to drive the collective team’s success. The workshop utilised handbooks to develop emotional intelligence, empowering managers to navigate complex interpersonal dynamics with finesse, ensuring that their teams not only survive but thrive in today’s challenging work environments.

A customer experience workshop utilising the Emotional Culture Deck offers a unique opportunity for your teams to define how they want customers to feel during interactions with your brand. By examining specific personas, your teams will build empathy and understanding of the customer journey, recognising the pivotal role they play in delivering a human service experience. Through interactive activities and group discussions, team members gain insights into customer needs and emotions, enabling them to tailor interactions and responses effectively. This workshop not only enhances customer satisfaction but also strengthens employee engagement and brand loyalty, as teams align their efforts to create memorable and meaningful experiences for every customer.

Options for Delivery

Our workshops options are flexible and can be facilitated to support your specific requirements.

Our most requested are:

Something Different:

Leonie or Rebecca will be facilitating on the day, supporting you through the workshop and can upskill your team in order for you to take over a fully sustainable long term emotional culture transformation programme

Why Us?

We have over 30 years collective experience in the customer service industry including hospitality, banking and retail, and most latterly the Institute of Customer Service. 

We have worked with over 100 organisations, transforming service provision and improving customer experience through creating  customer centric cultures. 

Our expertise, proven methodology, and sustainable improvement framework will help you create a customer culture where  employees meet customer expectations, retain customers and grow your business.

Leonie is ranked #14 Customer Experience Magazine Professional 2023 and a member of WICX (Women in CX) and both Rebecca and Leonie are UKCXA Awards Judges.



Rebecca is a certified Riders & Elephants certified Consultant. There are only four other certified consultants in the UK, so we are extremely proud!

This means Rebecca can teach and qualify your leaders in the foundational elements of The Emotional Culture Deck. Managers and team leaders can learn how to apply them effectively to achieve: impactful team check-ins, heightened self-awareness, leadership growth, change leadership, and stronger stakeholder relationships. 


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'people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel'

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