The Eight Key Drivers of a Customer-centric Culture

Inspired employees + Happy customers = Profitable growth

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Do you  understand and act on current customer needs and satisfaction? Or understand your competitors?

Our strategic partners and world-renowned customer culture experts MarketCulture have spent over 3 years researching global leaders such as Apple, Amazon and other customer-centric brands.

The research has revealed there are eight key traits that drive a customer centric culture and enable sustainable growth.

Inside our guide, we examine the five external behaviours and three internal enablers that drive customer centricity.

For each of the eight key drivers, we cover…

  • what each driver is, and how it benefits your business
  • the questions you should consider to determine if your organisation is truly customer-centric
  • how you can start to embed this driver in the day-to-day running of your organisation.


From gaining customer insight to empowering your employees, this guide will help you and your organisation focus on the customer – new or existing, which in turn helps to grow your business profitably.

About Customer Service Solutions

We are customer culture specialists, helping organisations to measure, improve and embed a customer centric culture to enable sustainable growth.

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